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Welcome to the WestHost status page. Here you will find real-time information about the status of our services.

Past Incidents

7th December 2019

No incidents reported

6th December 2019

Emergency Email Maintenance, scheduled 7 hours ago

Emergency Hosted Email Maintenence
Date: Saturday, 06 December 2019
Start time: 21:55 PM MST
End time: 23:00 PM MST Duration: 1 hour 5 minutes
Emergency Maintenance

Our operations team will be performing reboots on nodes in our email cluster. During this time users may experience brief disconnects and reconnects with their services.

  • Update @ 23:00 PM MST - The scheduled maintenance has been completed.

5th December 2019

Web Hosting wsl02015 issue

wsl02015 server is having problems with filesystem which leads to incorrect work of hosting services. We are rebooting this server to correct the problem.

  • Update Thu Dec 5 00:33:50 MST 2019: The server is back online and running fine.

4th December 2019

Web Hosting

We are aware that there are issues affecting this server. We are working to get them resolved.

  • Update @ Wed Dec 4 11:43:34 MST 2019 - This server is being rebooted to restore service.
  • Update @ Wed Dec 4 11:47:50 MST 2019 - This server is online and available for use.

3rd December 2019

No incidents reported

2nd December 2019

No incidents reported

1st December 2019

No incidents reported